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El Nido

“My art is making connections between seemingly unrelated things."

 I was going to add:

"from the subatomic level to the entire cosmos”

until I realized that they were the same process.


Even after 8 years, I still am using the development of these pages along with my book of my life to help me explore life both from looking inward as well as looking outward.

It is a continuing process


I started my Universe Travel

with this glass fusion piece I made


We all travel on

the same planet

My friend and artist of many disciplines

David Graves    

who painted


Different worlds


It didn't take me long

to see the synergy

of the two works


We all travel thru time and space

    on the same planet

         but we live in different worlds



Yet, as I found out about life, my path cahnged as I investigated the

 "Art of Writing"



My portal Inward     Mi portal hacia adentro


From a babbling baby to

The synergy of the human experience - I AM


De un bebé balbuceando a


I have this section here about me because all of the concepts of these pages come from the experiences of my life.





Human Being


My Soap Box

Yes, I do have opinions


Here are excerpts based on my book  of my life I have written over the last 5 years

 "View from El Nido"

Some of my support




This web is being developed for the enjoyment of learning about the arts of life.

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  Se está desarrollando esta web para el disfrute de aprender cerca de las artes de la vida.

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