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       The Arts of ...

"In fact, I realized that just about everything in life had an art form." 


       Las Artes de ...

"De hecho, me di cuenta de que casi todo en la vida tenía una forma de arte".


After working with the artist and atisans in CompetaArt.com for seven years and trying to satisfy the question "What arts should be included?", I started researching the definition of "art". I asked my self

"What is art, what is creativity, what is life, and what is copying?" wn

I left Cómpeta for the coast to Torre del Mar and my apartment, "El Nido" (The Nest) where I could think, develop, and write my thoughts on the subject. After three years of researching the meaning, I realized that there were many forms of art that had a common base. In fact, I realized that just about everything in life had an art form. I developed my working definitions which included:

- Art is the presentation of a creative expression of how I see and experience life that I want to share."

- In the arts of, "..." is the subject of the presentation

- Artistic ability is the techniques, methods, skills and talents developed  for communication of that expression.

- The outward success of the presentation depends upon amount of stimulation, the effect or influence, and the appreciation it brings about to those that can relate to it.

- The inward success is the joy and satisfaction it brings me.


"Art is the  creative expression of how I see and experience life as I become aware of it." wn

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things,

but their inward significance.” Aristotle (384 - 322 BC)


Before I can classify anything in “Theartsof...”, I set up a rule that I had to experience it first to see if I find the inner significance. I got so involved that I didn't have time to update this page. This was especially true when I came to the art of writing my life story so far, for the art of learning to think, never stops.

As I later learned, I had to ask myself, "What basic thing did I leave out". I applied the definition of stupidity by Adam Robinson and laughed; for came the realization before I wrote my book, that I had to learn how to write, and more than that, I had to learn how to write about  both my inner as well as outer experiences.


I hope you will enjoy "The  Arts of ..."   as much as I am enjoying creating it. It is for  the pure enjoyment of the creative processes by doing. " Theartsof.com is for  seeing the possibility of various arts ... on all levels of  ability, ages and type of art. The following is from my origional TheArtsOf.com, however, investigating each art took over my life and while I have a lot written, I have not put it into web page format for you to read.

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