There are two sets of Laws

a set of natural (Laws of Nature) laws that apply to the cosmos including our planet earth.

Life and different forms of life are part of the Natural law,


Birth, death and sex, the procreation of the species is a link between the two sets of laws


Emotions and body functions belong to the first;


No one owns the planet, it is part of the first set;


One has change as its basic fundamental properties;


There are no rights only that which “is”


One is so powerful that unspeakable catastrophes can occur;


the air, water, and natural resources provides them.


does not need the first to exist.


the other will continue


a human set of laws made by humans for humans thru out the history of “civilization” that apply to the interaction of different peoples.

 the classification of different forms of life are part of the second.


The choices of when to give birth, when to die when desired and how to have sex and the form is individual


how they can be manifested belongs to the second.


laws that apply to ownership belong to the second.


change but does so in a disorganized way and usually ends up as before.


its laws are supreme, that humans have special natural rights


the other could only destroy life on this planet.


One thinks it has ownership of the planet; and they can uncontrollably abuse


One needs the other for survival


One will become extinct and will be forgotten;