Stupid – Stupidity

1. silly or unwise; showing poor judgment or little intelligence:

2. annoying, or causing a problem


But in all my years, I have never seen a more intelligent definition of stupid/stupidity than from fs.blog’s interview with Adam Robinson, “How Not to Be Stupid”


I defined stupidity as

“Overlooking or dismissing conspicuously crucial information.”

It took me about a month, and I defined stupidity as overlooking or dismissing conspicuously crucial information. Right? It’s crucial information, like you better pay attention to it. It’s conspicuous, like it’s right in front of your nose and yet you either overlook it or you dismiss it.


I am now changing the “I” to me, Wayne: How stupid of me; I wanted to write a book of my life but using this definition, I realized I didn’t know how to write.


This really got to me; made me think of all the times in 45 years of consulting I wish I could have applied it.

I would like to give you one business example:

We were called in to see why a major bank’s two multi-million dollar computers weren’t performing well. As in many cases, I was the technocrat, since I didn’t have grey hair yet, and given the task to see what was going on in the computer department; yes, long before they called it “information technology.” I interviewed the managers, programmers, and operations group. At the end of the day, at our meeting for a discussion of our preliminary findings, when they asked me if I found anything, I replied, “sure (here I would have loved to have used Adams response, “stupidity”), most of the programmers were stoned out of their minds on grass.”

The job was boring as heck; they were given a sheet that had all the specifications and all they had to do was just put it into code. They had no say if the specifications were logical or for that matter even if they could make the code do what it was supposed to do. They didn’t have to test their code to see if it worked; all they got back is what they had to change. They asked me why they spent 4 years of college to learn how to do this?