the nest of my soul

Hi above the shore of the sea Mediterranean

Carved into the rocks of humanity

Lies the nest of my soul


The view is of the sea, the mountains,

and many other nests like mine

scattered along the shoreline.


The mountains, pushing the center of the peninsula

High toward the blue sky

With small valleys showing paths from shore to plains.


My sea is full of ghosts from thousands of years past.

Ships of adventure, of merchants and of war

Passing on their way to the ends of the earth.


The shoreline, once filled with huts of fishermen,

with trees and and farmers toiling the land

Now replaced with new nests of many designs.


It is the home of my existence,

My place to enjoy the new experiences of my life.

To look back on the past and toward the future.


I have made the place to reflect how I live

It is full of my arts of living

and my center of my life.


My soul is a mixture of the natural and the man made

Of the electronic interface of thousands of years of human information,

and billions of years of natureís creation.


Here I am free to travel thru time and space

To ask and seek  unknown answers of the universe

To explore my mind and soul for there are no limits


To enjoy the worlds of Art, Science, Writing, and Music

It is the base of experiences yet to happen,

To make old age the best years of my life.


So, if some day, you find me permanently asleep in my bed;

donít worry be happy, for Iím just on an other adventure.