From Diversity and Uncertainty of life comes the understanding of

"From a babbling baby"

to “The Synergy of the Human Experience”


“The aim of art is to represent not the

outward appearance of things

but their inward significance.”

Aristotle (384 - 322 BC)

My journey


A Treatise on how I saw my Life based on 80 years of experience

and hundreds of academic papers that would confuse even a paper shedder


 On Writing my story

To write a book, a thesis or just a simple collection of writings,

I first had to learn how to write.


While that process took three years and hundreds of pages of my memories

it gave me plenty of data for

Phases - Putting my random memories in order as it answered my question

"Why didn't life turn out as I thought it should?"



The InvestigationsAn independent study of my own creative manor

Could I see as much about life processes looking inward

as others saw looking outward?


 The mind is indeed an amazing thing, so much more than just the "conscious ration/logical mind" What If.... I am leaving that process here for  since I would like feed back on what I have experienced and written about ways of looking inward.








The resume - A chronological view of my experiential and thinking life


Thank you for sharing you time with me.


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