On writing my story


A scientist once said, and this is close in meaning but not his Quote:

A genius is not one who can go out to the ethers and find a new perspective but one, who when finding it, can bring it back to this world for all to experience.




My New way to think


"The process of developing my trip into myself

was a total mindful experience." wn


My portal for looking inward

Just for fun, I would step into the ethers, not outside of myself but inward; before I read what others thought. What I found was much more then just fun, it was an exciting adventure and a new learning experience that I didn't even know existed.

I invented my own form of meditation which allowed me to interact with my mind but at a deeper state. My nightly thinking started a three year long investigation into my inner awareness and  introspection, not to who I was but how much more there was to learn.

Opening my thinking  

    Start of my Nightly Thinking 

    Start of my Nightly Thinking Proof

Communicating with My Conscious Mind  

The next time, while I was letting my freeing feelings flow thru me, I had a conversation with my conscious mind, “What if I said to you, you are free to think anything you want; no restrictions?”

I’ll just observe with no judgment, criticism, or direction

Free Thinking

and then Creative Thinking

After my experiences with my "conscious mind's voice". I decided to see what about other voices I could give my different functions.

My Other Inner Voices

 My own form of Meditation 


The end of the view of my voices


I have learned so much from this trip inward that I thought it would be easy share what I experienced on the trip from back from the ethers; yet it was even more of an adventure. I am still continuing to understand the full nature of my mind. Now I know why:


"who when finding it, can bring it back to this world for all to experience."


for every time I tried to write something, I would find a new process to explore that I wanted to follow. The mind is indeed an amazing thing, so much more than just the conscious mind. If anyone would like to share in this adventure, I would be glad to work together for at 80 years old, my time may be limited.


"What ever you learn, through experience or information, always check it out"