Abstract of My new way to think

This section is is about how I determined what tools I needed to look and experience my inward search. It is only the part of my writings that I think you might want to try.

 All writings are all experiential so there is no way I can say what you might find.


Because the answer is in the synergetic understanding our two biological memory systems for learning; formed while knowing nothing at birth and developing during the first 7 years, is so complicated and fragile; any outcome is possible yet understandable.


This why I call this phase "The Magical Years", isn't illusion what magic is all about?


"It is here that I started learning the process of going from a babbling baby,

through the phases of my life to “The Synergy of the Human Experience”.


It was working with my tools that I discovered my creative thinking process and used it to develop other ways to see what was going on inside me.


It was here that I experienced awareness and levels of consciousness


It was my inner search that I put together a different scenario of the interaction between the two learning systems


It was here that I put what others had written about the memory systems to the test and found some discrepancies  that I need to test more.


It is also here that I realized that each of us has made our own "Pandora's Box", a place where we put things we were taught but were considered bad or evil to even think about and were afraid to look back upon.


It is here where we must come back to to see our fundamental foundation that has made us create a world that we are willing to destroy.

From the well that has many levels, some with great visions and some with many different toxins, but all with the opportunities to learn

“Life didn’t turn out like I thought it would”