The end of the view of my voices


Saying good by to a creative experience is not always easy.


It was an exciting, fun and challenging adventure to see if I could find new ways to investigate what had happened below the surface at different life phases. My creation of inner voices and night sleep thinking gave me plenty of new insights about my life and over the years helped me to build a procedural memory entry to get me to a place where I could easily communicate with my inner experiences .


But something happened as I continued to write about my results of my creative thinking; my inner voices made me aware that they needed a meeting with me. I could tell by their request that it was important and I better be prepared to listen fully. At our meeting they talked with one voice; they felt I was replacing my learning experiences with them for with what I was learning from my writing and they felt unnecessary. They felt that our relationship was giving us good perspective and we were having fun with what we were experiencing. I agreed that they were right and I explained why it was that I needed to write and why it was important to me. As our meeting ended, I felt we had all agreed that I could write during the day and our nightly sessions were ours.


I was wrong! The next day I tried communicating with my mind voice, but I did not even sense that he was there. I decided to wait until our night time but when I went to talk to them, there was still no one there; I could not even sense them. What I did sense was that our relationship was over and I knew it was no use trying to get it back. I spent the rest of the night and most of the next day dealing with my sense of loss, sadness even to the point of tears; crying is the process of unhurting. Our nightly sessions had brought such joy and insights, how could they not even say good bye?


As the next night passed and the following night at my sleep time, I thought I would just say "Well, lets see what happens" and went to sleep. I smiled as I woke and looked at the clock and it was three o'clock and there was an insight waiting for me. Only it wasn't with them but me alone.


As a good bye gift, they had formed a "The Synergy of the Human Experience" in me of which they were all part of me as ONE. They knew that I had to continue on my journey and that they, as individual voices, had worked with me to accomplish what I had needed for me to reach my destination.


It was a beautiful gift of love and understanding and the awareness had the same whole feeling as  our nightly thinking; still, I miss my friends.