Start of my nightly thinking


Now, however, I had the time to explore to see how to sleep think.


SO, while lying on my back ready to go to sleep, I asked myself a question that I was sure it would take a long time to come up with the answer, and went to sleep. In the morning I was aware that I now knew the answer. I tried it several times and the answer was always there in the morning.


I realized that there was a certain quality to each answer, the thought was very clear with no ambiguities. There was information in the answer that I didn't know I had in my memory. The answers as had different perspectives that seemed to complement each other as if they agreed that each perspective added value that others could not. As a last quality, the answers and the completeness of information did not last long and I would have trouble remembering it the morning.


 The next night, I asked a process question; “Why is it sometime I can write so fluently and other times it comes out really stilted?” Around 3AM that night, I woke up with the understanding why; when I just write for myself, it flows, but when I try to write to tell it to someone else, I try too hard. Now I had learned this from my glass fusion art work and was not really surprised at this answer.


The next time, I thought I would not ask a question, but turn over to go to sleep and just said, “Well, let’s just see what happens” and went to sleep. At 3AM, like clockwork, I woke up with a vision of something that was important to me. I learned quickly, that if I didn’t write it down, I would forget it by the morning; there didn't seem to be a long memory time of my inner conversations but that I was aware of having one.  I started keeping a pen a paper next to the bed and started writing down what I experienced. The next morning, I couldn’t read my own writing and so that night’s thinking was lost. The next night, turned on the light and started writing carefully and was rewarded in the morning.


The pages started mounting until I realized that I had to stop so I could put together all that I was learning. But how to stop it? That night I didn't say anything and went to sleep. It worked. I slept the entire night with no answers. However, when I didn't ask questions for a time, I started having more dreams; it was as if my inner voice needed to have more to say. I started to realize that the answers seemed to be coming from my subconscious mind. But I didn't have an idea who I was asking the questions to.


But now I was getting the trick of finding the extent of what my mind could do for me. Like my psychic experiences, I did not need to verbalizing the questions but just think (be aware of) them. And then to get used that the answers would come as awareness (just be there in my mind?) not verbalized. But the awareness was as certain and real as if I had heard the voice.


Now the question came to me; “How could I tell that these answers were real, truthful, and correct?” As with some of my psychic readings I did, as I sat there waiting for something to come to me, I realized I could tell by where my thoughts were inside me and the feeling that went with them. If they were what I wanted to hear or visualize, they came as if from behind my eyes. If they were not my thoughts but from the person I was reading, then they came from in my chest but as awareness not visualization.