Start of my nightly thinking proof


Feb 27 2020 nightly thinking

Proof, she asked, "what proof do you have?"

I answered my own experience to start with, and then when I first put it together with other experiments of the same nature, (see sheets of nightly thinking not yet included). But it wasn’t until my “Nemis” pointed out that there were many, many academic scientific papers presented in Goggle on “Sleep problem solving” even putting it in “”s on what I found out by my “Looking inward techniques.” I wanted to show her where the numbers often incorrect that I got my proof. So I typed it in again and with and without quotes and got the following results

“Sleep problem solving” - About 25,100 results (0.30 seconds) 

Sleep problem solving - About 50,600,000 results (0.46 seconds) 

"sleep effect on problem solving" About 684 results (0.30 seconds) 

But that doesn’t prove anything so I stared reading the abstracts of the first several pages of abstracts and found that she was right. There were many that were on the same subject on different ways to solve problems while you sleep. Many were like the “Aha”, like I had on my first night and some went deeper. There were a few that I saw they were just at the beginning of the process that resulted from my further testing, but in general were all mostly saying the same thing.

I felt good, not because I might not have been original in finding this problem solving technique, but because that my way of investigation of personal experience was giving the same result as the "academic scientific" way. It validated my way of thinking as did the book "the deepest well" by Nadine Burke Harris, M.D. validate I was on the right track in my thinking in the "Magical Years" phase.

Secondly, I started looking at the dates, most all were in the last 20 years where as, the seed for my experience came from early 1960s when researchers at my lab at M.I.T. wanted to get paid for sleeping. My first trial for meaningful problem solving came from a contract in early 1970s at the conclusion what I had found at a state university, and now from my nightly thinking investigations  I developed in 2018 without having read or used any information references. So much for "academic scientific" papers on “Sleep problem solving.” and "sleep effect on problem solving"

Thirdly, few understood the difference why some "solutions" were good and others not; I found out it depends on how much data you have stored in memory on the subject; in other words, no free ride. I also found out other aspect that need more testing.

But my real interesting discoveries still lay ahead.

It was around this point that I had to make a decision; what was more important, continuing with the development of my process or validating my work. I continued.