My portal inward

I was updating my web page  to reflect my current  concept of "the arts of”; what did they all have in common? The arts have been part of the human experience for thousands of years. As I thought about this further, I realized that although science and technology had changed tremendously, humans really hadn’t. They still had the same emotions, DNA, and biological makeup. I found and now believe that this applies to all aspects of human life when "art" meant "creativity", not just a painting or sculpture. It was the first time I opened my mind just to  look at the vast expanse of possibilities to be discovered.  I had once heard that human development follows the same biological process as lower forms of life, only caries them further; could it be that I might get a better understanding of the human life if I could determine what was going on inside of me instead of looking outward, trying to see what was going on in others?


I saw I that I might be able to create my portal looking inward and below the surface from the my experience of the saying of Aristotle (384 - 322 BC) who over 2000 years ago stated :


“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”


 Could I see what was going on by looking at my memories to see if I could find connections traditional studies seemed to miss?


Can I see as far looking inward below the surface as I can see looking outward on the surface?


Could it be that in looking inward I will come to a point where I will see the same  as looking outward? Are they one? Or will I see a new way to view  and understand life more? Is this what the "Seeker" was looking for?


"I seldom read about what I am going to do before I do it; that only biases my experience, thwarts my creativity, and diminishes the adventure." wn



The basis for this section was to see what I could learn only from my memories,  looking inward tools and my own logic. From seeing the flow of my life as I wrote my autobiography, I noticed there were several gaps that didn't make sense until I rearranged my story pages into groupings of my life phases.  So when I saw something that followed an earlier story, I learned that lessons sometimes took a long time to learn a lesson fully; the sample I love to use, "looking up skirts" , because I also learned that some memories carry the original emotions with them as well as the original experience.


On letting my mind teach me new ways to think


As I traveled inward using new thinking tools I developed, my portal as a discovery process has dominated my thinking, learning, and writings for several years. I know I now travel with the synergy of my oneness of my all human functions that are not separate but the synergy of who I am.


I don’t know where the portal will take me, but I am aware that I can return back here to my physical self whenever I want.