Creative Memory System


Problem solving is a process of defining what the problems are, collecting pertinent data, analysing the data using different problem solving methods, and coming up with a solution. Then, not to just accept the solution, going through a system of change process to fix any errors. While problem solving can be done using only the conscious memory, I have found that there is a special memory process subconscious function that can solve a problem by accessing all memories and calculating the most probable "best" solution.


 I realized that when I was using my conscious mind, the information was only from my memory that it had access to. When I asked my nightly questions, the answers contained not only my conscious memories but also a collection of data relative to my nightly question from all my memory locations. That they had a synergetic quality reflecting all my mental processes; the quality I recognised from the very beginning of my inward search. I found that my nightly questions were really a creative subconscious process that was invoked by my conscious mind when I asked a  question to be answered just before I went to sleep.


The timing of the creative processing was probably when I was a sleep and had more processing and searching frequency that was not needed to maintain daily activities. But the length of memory time seemed to be dependent on when my conscious awareness accessed it. If I brought it to my conscious in the early morning, I could clearly understand and enjoy the solution but I could not remember it after I went back to sleep and woke up later. As I am writing this, I remembered that I had written it before; it was the same process as my nightly thinking only I didn't have to ask the question before I went to sleep; the question could be handed off to my creative subconscious for later processing at any time


It could also be invoked by a subconscious program as part of its function. This realization came from when I was painting or just singing some song I was making up as I went along. I knew in my conscious mind that I had something I wanted to express but had no idea what it was; but the song or painting was able to tell me.


After the conscious mind was alerted that the answer/solution was available, the solution/answer  stayed around only a short while or may have been transferred to a special memory location.


I noticed that the same kind of answer information was also included in an intuitive awareness. The question or problem could be asked at anytime and subconsciously handed off to the creative process and the awareness of the solution being available alerted the conscious thinking when the question was consciously thought of again. 


As with all of my  introspection exploring, looking inward;

I always needed validate any conclusions and see if I could repeat the process, both important to my scientific training and compatible with all of my human models of thinking.

I started reading about creativity and can now say I can validate that it is not a divine cause, nor a symptom of genius, nor a "unconscious" process but a biological function even evident in a two or three year old. Wallas 1926 came close to the basic process but it dose not appear to me to come from inner awareness but outward observation. This seems to be a malady of most of the "theories".

I am not a genius nor a divine sprit. I was born and raised with out the traditional formal education but in an environment of adventure, creativity, and freedom. I saw traditional teaching as a hindrance to creativity for the value of conformity. Luckily, I could not hear well so did not know that I was suppose to learn facts and information of others. (see earlier writings) and the first paragraph of this page.