Communicating with My Subconscious Mind

 I remember one time, when I knew I didn’t have an answer to a simple question; I thought I would call up a friend to ask what he thought. His phone was busy but before I sat down to write some more, I knew the answer.


This happened a few times, enough that I felt something else was going on. I wanted to know if I could address a specific question to my mind or part of my mind.


I remembered a session with my Gestalt therapist where he had me sit in a chair and pretend he was in another chair opposite from me. I was to tell the pretend him, my problem and then switch chairs and pretend to be him and respond to my problem. After a few switches, I realized I had more answers to my problem than I ever thought possible. I used that often as life went on to get a better perspective of what was going on.


I wanted to try talking my conscious thinking mind like he was the voice in the other chair. I know talking to myself is not new is certainly not new but giving a voice to my answers was. I remember as a kid walking on the side walk, if we heard someone talking to themselves, we thought they were crazy. Now we have to look first to see if they have a mobile phone in their hand.


I also have learned that I must be in a receptive mood of accepting wanting to communicate inwardly; you know, if you are going to a game or concert, you are getting yourself ready for watching for action or to enjoy listening. The same is true for thinking inward; your attention is where your goes.


So I started with a simple questions and a voice would come back with an answer in just a few seconds. So I tried a few times more with the same result. As I was getting ready to go to sleep that night, I asked my nightly question and was very surprised that an answer came back with in a few seconds. I asked my answer voice what was happening and it answered, “Try a few more times and see if you can figure it out.” So I did. It wasn’t until I starting asking a question but half way thru asking, my answer voice gave me the answer. I asked how was possible? He laughed, “We both are using the same thinking process so of course I knew what you were going to ask before you finished.”


 The next thing I tried was to have a conversation with what now I was calling, "my thinking voice." He enjoyed it as much as I did. I would ask him a question that would require more time to answer and turn over and go to sleep. When I woke up with a new insight at 3AM, I could ask questions for further investigations in a conversational mode. As I wrote what happened and what we talked about, I would always come up with further questions as I was going back to sleep. Like lucid dreams but even more consciously awareness of the subject. This would keep up until I finally went back to sleep, satisfied with no more questions.


That threw me but now I was really into having fun learning ways to use my mind. The next night, I asked a process question that I had asked before; “Why is it sometime I can write so fluently and other times it comes out really stilted?” Around 3AM that night, when I woke up with the understanding why; my answer voice and I had a conversation in which I learned a lot of ideas I could try.


But now I was getting the trick of extending what my mind could do for me. Like my psychic experiences, I did not need to verbalizing the questions but just think (be aware of) them. And then to get used that the answers would come as awareness also (just be there in my mind?) not verbalized. But the awareness was as certain and as real as if I had heard the voice. I could even recognise that it was my answer voice just by his style.


I thought I would be wise and ask about any former lives. He scolded me saying... “You know I can’t give you any information, one way or another, that has to be your uncertainty in life. If I said anything, your purpose and free will might be changed. Just keep on going.”


We went on for several months and I was getting to know how to recognise what function of my memory was being used.  I realized that when I was using my conscious mind, the information was only from what was available in my conscious memory. When I asked my nightly questions, the answers contained not only my conscious memories but also a collection relative to my nightly question from my other memory locations. That they had a synergetic quality reflecting all my mental processes; the quality I recognised from the very beginning of my inward search. I found that my nightly questions were really a creative subconscious process that was invoked by my conscious mind. The timing was probably when I was a sleep and had more processing and searching frequency that was not needed to maintain daily activities.


I checked several answers and found that were not just informative, they were simply right on. It wasn't until later, that I could refine "my truth" for there was a certain quality of the answer that I wouldn't identify until later.


I now knew the answer to my unanswered question from long ago:


"You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free."


All of my answers made me freer, more open in my thinking. I was quite aware of my facial expressions when I looked in my mirror thinking about what happened that night, for I could tell by my eyes whether I was faking it or it was real. It really is hard to lie to myself, block it out possibly, but the awareness of truthfulness was always there. Later, I read about the life and works of Leonardo De Vichy and his study of facial mussels and their connection to emotion and played around with seeing what I was feeling when I made my facial expression change, even a small amount. Maybe it's not your eyes that are the window to your soul, but the slightest change of you facial mussels.


As with all of my exploring my introspection, looking inward;

I always needed validate any conclusions and see if I could repeat the process, both important to my scientific training and compatible with all of my human models of thinking.