The Arts of - Drawing


What do you want - Art or Music  ?


One day, our elementary school class was divided into two groups; everyone had to go to one of two rooms. In my first room, I was told to draw a straight line, then to draw a circle, and lastly a picture of an animal. Not bad for a dog or cow, or pig ? It was my generalized animal.




I was then taken to the second room with a piano in it and when it was my turn, asked to sing the note the teacher played on it. I could do that soÖ. I was told that they hoped that I liked music better; I probably wouldnít do well in art.

I was put into the music class not the art class. Amazing the effect that one hour had on my life. I never learned to draw or, for that matter, to appreciate art until much later in life.


Now some 65 years later, I decided I was going to draw. So, like so many budding artists, I went to the internet to see what was available. I found several drawing courses and looked at each one to see what might fit my level, BEGINNER. I found Drawspace would let me try some of their free lessons and I signed up, downloaded a few of the free lessons, and printed them out. The first one I tried was drawings made with straight lines. I went to my recycle basket and pulled out several throwaway papers to practice on the backs (double recycle). I spent the next few hours drawing, what came out to be interesting fish using only straight lines. It was fun and my fish looked like a fish. Then I read the lesson on circles and started drawing circles, most of which mostly looked like broken eggs. Not to be deterred, I used up a few pencils and all the paper in my recycle basket; but I could make a circle almost perfectly round and of all different sizes. I even learned to make them with my eyes closed.


Iím a little impatient, so I down loaded, shadings in an Antelope I followed each step, getting more excited as the Antelope became like theirs.



After only a few hours I was able to draw an animal.

   My Antelope                                         Their Antelope


I now have added drawing to my fun art list along to illustrate my first book Iím writing (I didnít hear well in elementary school so hated reading and writing because I couldnít spell), draw my own pictures for my oil painting class, and can make sketches of something I want at a hardware store here in Spain  when I donít know the word.  Not bad for starting a new life at 76, no?


I recommend if you want to try drawing or even increase your technical skills if you are an advanced artist. After working with many artists who didnít want to help me learn, Brenda Hoddinott was a joy to communicate with while learning; she really enjoys what she does and it shows in her lessons.


"My life lessons were born from pain, grew into a love of drawing, and blossomed when shared with others". Brenda Hoddinott


Well some things didn't really have much meaning to me, such as hash marks, a way of shading. It wasn't until I got to making circles become three dimension spheres that I saw use for them. I love spheres and started making all kinds of sizes until I realized I loved the universe; plenty of circles and spheres. I started taking up painting and found how to make the circles, spheres using a color with different amounts of white.

I even thought of a name for the panting:

"We travel thru time and space on the same planet but live in different worlds."


It was then that I realized both my writing and painting could go together to express my thinking.