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The Art of Writing and Life
Blanche Newman

Born - Blanche Evelyn Brainerd

August 22, 1916 -

February 26, 2015



Lost Writings  

An introduction to her Art of Writing

A Small Book of Her Poetry and Prose

The Road from Then to Now

Sometimes things are best said by the stories one tells. The following writing is a good example and describes a good part of Blanches life.

 A Case for Role Models and Mentors

Through the Ages

I'm 92 - So What?   93 What Will I Be?
94 Will There Be More? 95 I'm Still Alive!!!
96 Still up to My Old Tricks!!! 97 This is Heven?
98 It's not so Great. Died Feburary 26, 2015


Yeah, and she sings like an angel

Some Things For Her

Little Orphant Annie

Grandpa's Beard
Just fore Christmas All Aboard for Blanket Bay
Here is the complete 1492 poem You are my sunshine
At your Mothers Request  

Some Pictures

Ashlar Vilage




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