The Arts of - Adventure


"I seldom read about what I am going to do before I do it, that only biased my experience, thwarts my creativity, and diminished the adventure."

The art of adventure is the creativity needed when living in the present under unknown circumstances. It is the ability to see below the surface of the encountered reality and make appropriate and sometimes creative responses.

There are many types of adventure, from the extreme even sometimes life threatening, to the little encounters that happen to you unexpectedly, sometimes even just facing a new day. To me, Adventure is when I get into something I've never done before and don't know where it will lead.  I learned, I don't have to plan for all adventures, just to be aware when the unexpected happens, go with the flow, and respond to events spontaneously. I am finding that it can be as adventuresome facing a new perception of myself from others or from new ways of the art of thinking.


 "Experience is the best teacher of life." Albert Einstein

Learn to have trust in yourself


 Experience is our basic interface with the world. It is our own way of understanding our truths. While the same experience is perceived differently by different individuals because of physical, emotional and other previously experiences, it is our own personal perceptions that form the basis of our nature


I was talking to some other adventures the other day and realized adventurers share something's in common. One thing is the adventure of finding a hotel to stay in when arriving late in a town/city. There are as many stories as there are hotels and travelers. I managed to avoid most of this adventure by arriving at a place in the middle of the afternoon. This allowed me time to eat a good meal, get a room before to many others filled up the good places, and the explore the local. But there were times when I didn’t get to where I was going until late and I found my options were limited. I found, both by experience, that most good hotels have some bedrooms set aside for emergency for one night. You need to guarantee that you’ll be out before ten the next morning and usually pay in advance. If not in that town, it will surely turn out to be an adventure. They may look at you strangely if you are a lone. If not they might ask for how many hours you want it. They may ask if you want a women (not many women find themselves in this situation, they have better sense). You almost always find a bed. If not, bite the bullet and keep traveling sleeping wherever you can safely rest your head. If you meet fellow travelers and want to have a fun conversation, just ask if they have always found a room. You’ll hear some funny and interesting stories.


I found in my travels that I could see a little of a lot of places or a lot in a few places. I missed many things but my time was always full of new happenings no matter how long I stayed.


Some asked if I was bored traveling alone? My reply is: Why would I be bored? I had freedom to do what I wanted, the means to travel or stay where I wanted, no one to tell me what, when, and where to go, no one to question or argue about my decisions and best of all, I had a truly intelligent person to share my adventures with – me. I fond it more  and secure ridding with some one but comfortable and adventuresome going it alone.


Setting up home

I camped, stayed in small hotels, interesting bed and breakfasts, and sometimes in private homes. No matter where I traveled and stopped to spend at least one night, I found I had developed a rhythm to making the place mine. It is said that “Home is where the heart is” and I always felt at home, especially on Suzi.


Adventure - noun

1. an exciting or very unusual experience

2. participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure.

3. a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.

4. to venture to say or utter: to adventure an opinion.


There is so much to say about adventure that I am dedicating an entire section of the web book to it; The Art of Adventure.


A warning: Once exposed to a life-style that includes adventure, it is very difficult to go back to “the normal” life. Adventure is always around you once you start to enjoy what it has to offer. 

It also helps if you believe in “Asking the Universe” and enjoy what it brings.